Package delivery to your car? No problem with The Car Access service.

Tereza Kopecká

The days when you had to wait at home for a package from the courier are at an end. With the Car Access service, which is integrated into the MyŠKODA app, you can now have packages delivered directly to your car. Car Access is a project of many names and several development teams. Its distant ancestor, Cosmo, was developed by ŠKODA Digilab together with Alza and Rohlík. Later, Škoda AUTO joined in, and in 2022 we at Green:Code also became involved in the development of the project.


How does it work? All ŠKODA vehicles produced since 2019 can be controlled using the MyŠKODA mobile app. We’ve gone even further and introduced a remote locking and unlocking function for the majority of vehicles of ŠKODA AUTO partners. If a customer links their ŠKODA Connect account to a partner that supports the Car Access service, they can transform their vehicle into a private delivery point, have it cleaned, and maybe get some minor maintenance done for the future. All of this while complying with all security standards. Isn’t that fantastic? You save lots of time and don’t have to be stuck in one place when you’re expecting a delivery from a courier. We currently have cooperation agreements with partners such as Zásilkovna and Fleetwash, and there’s one with DODO in the works, too.


Green:Code’s job within the project is to develop the app itself. And because we work in the Cloud and micro services, our three-member DevOps team looks after operation, support, security and development. We connect with new partners, train technicians and partners’ couriers, implement new functions, monitor current security threats and develop a service app. In addition we modify the dynamically changing interfaces of both corporate and ŠKODA AUTO systems. Dušan Hlaváč, Petr Jágr and Fernando Rubio are working on the project on behalf of Green:Code. 

The project is managed on behalf of ŠKODA AUTO Digilab by Ondřej Chytil. Digilab’s in charge of project management, commercial activities and the acquisition of new partners. Most recently it’s been working on finding a partner capable of washing vehicles and cleaning the interior in a public location according to the choice of the customer.  


We’ve got big plans for this service! We want to continue developing it and engaging even more partners in both the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries. At the same time we want to expand it with currently supported services. So you’ve got something to look forward to – don’t forget to follow us so you don’t miss out on any news!  If you want to find out more about the project and the app, and start using the service, take a look at ŠKODA AUTO’s website here.