Our team

Václav Bittner

Director for Etnetera

Václav is the founder of Etnetera Group, which he is still building. While working on it, he went through all positions from programmer to Linux administrator, until he eventually left his technical position completely and became a manager and entrepreneur. He initially led large projects for ČESKÝ TELECOM and O2, and later on got into start-ups. He helped create Vrgineers, the Czech manufacturer of virtual reality glasses, and is now going to combine his experience from large projects with the start-up mentality in Green:Code.

Marian Pavlík

Director for Škoda Auto

Marian has worked in specialist and managerial positions in the Volkswagen group for more than 22 years. He gained years of experience not only at Škoda Auto, but has also managed in IT in Slovakia and Russia. He has been a project leader in major projects and product teams responsible for the development and operation of dozens of business apps and key systems in sales, marketing and after-sales services, such as e-Commerce, Škoda Online, Car Configurator, MyŠKODA and DMS Cz/Sk. He has also contributed to the start-up and development of innovative activities and the creation of the Škoda Auto Software Delivery Center. He looks forward to capitalizing on his wealth of experience through interlinking the corpo-rate cultures of the agile Green:Code and Škoda Auto.

Lenka Králová

HR Manager

Lenka has been working in HR since 2007, and she still finds it enjoyable and fulfilling. As a recruiter, she has held the positions of Project Manager and Team Leader at agencies. She worked in recruitment in internal HR, where she was in charge of organizing the entire selection process for EU citizens, and was also involved in the simplification and improvement of HR processes, onboarding and so on. She is looking forward to capitalizing on all of her knowledge and experience in the new Green:Code project.